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Please contact The ROYCROFT Inn if you have an International order other than Canada. You contact us by phone at 716.652.5552 or 1.877.652.5552 or contact us by email.

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Innkeepers Greeting

Innkeepers Greeting

Elbert Hubbard's original welcome to the Roycroft Inn, now re-published for the second 100 years of the Roycroft. Unmatted parchment paper.


We WHO manage this hotel give you HEARTY GREETING!
We may never see you, never get to know you, but just the same we want you to feel that this is a HUMAN HOUSE, and not a soullessinstitution.
This is your home, be for a day or a night only. Human beings own the place. Human beings care for you here, make the bed and sweep the room, answer your telephone, run your errands, cook and serve your food.We keep a human being at the desk and a human being carries your valise.They are all made of flesh and blood, as you are; they have their interests, likes and dislikes, ambitions, dreams and disappointments, just as you have.
Of course you have to pay a price. Everybody has to do that everywhere. But the best part of any business transaction is the flow of human interest that goes with it.
We are not going to intrude upon you, for one of the joys of being in a hotel is that you can be left alone. We are not going to do any glad hand and cordial smile and uplift business with you - you did not come here for that - but we are going to take care of you.
Whatever rules there are here are made for the purpose of protecting you and insuring your comfort, not to annoy you.
A good rule for a hotel, as for anything else, is The Golden Rule - do as you'd be done by. We shall try to put ourselves is your place.We ask ourselves,"How would I like to be treated if I were stopping at a hotel?"
And we ask you to put yourselves in our place. Before you condemn us, ask yourself,"What would I do if I were running a hotel?" If we fail to measure up to that standard, let us know. We assume that every man guest here is a gentleman and every woman guest a lady. We believe the average American is courteous, quiet, law abiding, anxious to avoid trouble, considerate of others, and willing to pay as he goes.
May you rest well, "full of sweet sleep and dreams from head to feet!"
May you find here liberty to live your own life in your own way, to have your privacy, your convenience and a cheerful atmosphere!
May you be healthy under this roof, and no evil befall you, body or mind!
May your days be full of success,so that your experience in this hotel shall be a happy memory!
Here may you get good news from those you love!
May every letter, telegram or telephone call you receive be a kind to make you happier!
May your food be what you like and "may good digestion wait on appetite!"
We are all travelers from the port of birth to the port of death, wanderers between two eternities - for a little space you lodge with us - and we wish to put these good thoughts upon you - so God keep you, stranger, and bring you your heart's desire!
And when you go away,leave THIS HOTEL a bit of grateful feeling."

Price: $4.00



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